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My MiniPro for Wii U will not appear in Windows.

Once the MiniPro has been formatted for use with the Wii U,  it can only be accessed by that specific Wii U console. It will no longer be able to be read by a computer unless the partition is deleted.

This is done via the “diskpart” operation:

a. Click on the Start Menu and type “diskpart” in the textbox, and press Enter. A DOS window will open.

b. Type “list disk” and press Enter.

c. Choose the drive by entering “select disk x”; for example “select disk 1” if it is listed as disk 1. Press Enter.

d. Type “clean” and press Enter..

e. The drive’s formatting will be removed. It will say “Successful” upon completion. Close the DOS window and return to step 2 above to proceed with formatting.

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