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Oyen Digital USB4 Cable (40Gbps), 1ft (0.3M), 8K Video, 240W Charging

USB4 40Gbps USB-C Cable, 0.3M



The Oyen Digital USB4 40Gbps USB-C Coaxial Cable features a data transmission rate of 40 Gbps and power delivery charging capacity of 240W. When connected to a device that enables video output, such as Thunderbolt 4 docking station, the cable can support up to one 8K monitor and two 4K dual displays. The coaxial structure provides a superior 16 core 8 strand coaxial line with triple layer shielding. This allows the Oyen Digital cable the best possible protection against electromagnetic interference while delivering maximum performance.

  • USB-C to USB-C, 1FT (0.3M)
  • 40Gbps data transfer speed and 240W charging support
  • Superior 16 core 8 strand coaxial line with 3 layer shielding to resist electromagnetic interference
  • Built-in PD 3.0 E-Marker (USB4) chip ensures reliable data and power transfer
  • Lifetime Warranty