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U34 Bolt Formatting Utility for Windows

The Oyen Digital U34 Bolt can be formatted for Windows by using this simple standalone utility.

  1. Disconnect all external drives except for the Oyen Digital U34 Bolt.
  2. Open the OyenFormatter utility.
  3. Select the drive from the Device drop down.
  4. Enter the desired name in the Volume Label field.
  5. Select the desired File system. Choose NTFS if using solely with Windows. Choose exFAT if using with both Windows and Mac.
  6. Choose Cluster Size. We recommend using the default value.
  7. Click Start. A warning will be presented stating all data will be destroyed. Click OK to proceed.
  8. Upon completion close any popups that appear and close the OyenFormatter. The drive will be available for use.
The source code is based on Rufus